Google Maps Connected System

The Google Maps Connected System Plugin provides integrations to location and directions services from Google Maps

  • Transit Directions
    • Computes directions between 2 or more points. Returns step-by-step directions, trip distance, and time. The integration also computes directions using current and future traffic conditions, route avoidances, and waypoint optimization.
  • Get Timezone for Location
    • Takes a coordinate latitude and longitude and outputs a timezone.
  • Compute Travel Distance and Time Matrix
    • Computes a matrix of distances and travel times between a list of origins and a list of destinations.
  • Autocomplete for Addresses and Place Names
    • Can be combined with an autocomplete picker or search field to autocomplete places/addresses. Optionally takes a latitude and longitude center point to skew autocomplete results to that location.
  • Get Geocoding Information
    • Geocodes an address or place to a latitude and longitude or reverse geocodes a latitude and longitude into an address or place.


  • Appian 19.3+
  • Google Maps API key:,routes,places
    • Note that this API key CANNOT be domain restricted, as the Integrations are using server-side API calls. Appian highly recommends using a different API key from the Google Maps Component Plug-in, as UI keys are always available to the end user's browser.
    • Note: Remember to enable the Time Zone API