Groundswell Mockaroo Utility

Applications should be designed for scale and performance, but loading in sufficient data can be a challenge. Combining the power of Mockaroo and Appian, your developers can easily create datasets in a variety of formats to be loaded into databases or other data sources.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Supports CSV and SQL outputs
  • Default support for dozens of functional data types, including Names, Dates, Countries, Numbers, and many more.
  • Building data schemas from scratch or from pre-configured records
  • Validate your data schema before generating to resolve common configuration issues before attempting file generation
  • Supports generation of 1000s of rows at a time (capped at 5000 records based on Mockaroo limits)
  • Supports up to hundreds of request/day based on Mockaroo plan


  • Requires a free Mockaroo account to use, but recommended to use paid account for higher volume needs. See details on various tiers on the Mockaroo website.
  • v1.0 does not support all 150+ types (all commonly used types are supported). Future releases will support additional types and output formats.