HCP / HCO Interactions

True digital enablement of your Healthcare Professional ("HCP") and Healthcare Organization ("HCO") interactions process can be game-changing for the pharma and life sciences industry, and results in:

  • Proactive Compliance: Systematic, preventative controls enable consistent and compliant execution of funding requests and HCP interactions, globally
  • Business Efficiency & Quality: Increase resource efficiency through automated and streamlined processes while also unlocking value through improved data analytics and dashboarding capabilities.
  • Enhanced HCP / HCO Experience: Simplified interactions and minimal touchpoints required from HCPs / HCOs results in a better user experience and allows you to focus on driving strategic value in the HCP / HCO partnership

PwC's HCP / HCO Interactions app represents the combination of PwC's years of experience managing HCP / HCO Interactions and Appian's technology to enable proactive compliance, drive business value and quality, and enhance the HCP / HCO user experience:

  • One application for all interactions: Digitize engagements and external funding activities via a single solution
  • Fastest to go live: Accelerate your implementation with PwC’s out of the box workflows and agile development approach built on a market leading low code platform
  • Enabling your unique process: Configure PwC’s accelerators quickly to adapt your solution to the unique requirements of your business
  • Strong ROI: Boost the efficiency of your operations via intelligent automation, RPA and digital workforce
  • Multi platform: Access your application instantly on your desktop browser, tablet and smartphone from anywhere in the world
  • Unified ecosystem: Seamlessly link and unify your existing systems and processes in the interactions lifecycle
  • Unparalleled flexibility: Unmatched ability to quickly modify your app to react to changes in your external and internal environment