HubSpot Integration

The HubSpot Integration application allows developers to quickly set up a REST-based connection with a company HubSpot account. With only 1 configuration needed: the HubSpot API key, a complete set up can be done in very little time. Creating a connection with your company's HubSpot allows teams to utilize Appian's process management and reporting capabilities without sacrificing the HubSpot functionality and data that the business is already accustomed to!

This integration application makes uses of a Connected System for HubSpot that uses the HubSpot API key for your connection. Only out-of-the-box configuration needed is the API Key and it is ready to use!

The application has pre-built connections for:

  • Searching Contacts
  • Searching Companies
  • Get Company by ID
  • Get Contact by ID
  • Get Multiple Contacts by ID
  • Creating Contacts
  • Creating Companies
  • Updating Contacts
  • Updating Companies
  • Archiving Company by ID
  • Archiving Contact by ID

Each connection uses common components for ease of updates and custom configuration to fit your needs.