Insurance Policy Case Management


In today’s competitive marketplace, insurance companies face multiple challenges:  raising expectations of policyholders, increasing level of competition, need to maintain compliance with increasing and complex regulations, managing the line on costs, and managing risk. As an answer to this continually changing business scenario, insurance companies need to be able to continually retool their software systems to accommodate new features and processes.  Persistent Systems utilizes the power of the Appian platform to solve this multi-faceted issue with the Insurance Policy Case Management application. This integrated end-to-end app uses highly configurable business logic that can easily adapt to the business rules and requirements of a specific organization.  In a single environment, the application automates the workflow and streamlines processes in case management, including creating and managing case tickets, automatically assigning cases to managers, preparing case plans, maintaining ticket history, and tracking case managers’ performance. The streamlined workflow effectively facilitates better resource utilization within the organization.