Intelligent Recruitment Process

Tech Tammina's Intelligent Recruitment Process (IRP) is the process of augmenting and enhancing recruiters’ abilities through the use of smart tools designed to expedite and improve the hiring process. IRP helps take some of more mundane tasks out of your hands so that you can focus on what really matters. This app will be used by the companies looking to increase their competitive advantage in hiring.

From Initial Candidate sourcing to the final hiring decision, this app employs Appian, RPA and AI which helps the company to streamline the complete recruitment process. While Appian manages the overall Recruitment process including creating job requisition, candidates shortlisting and confirmation of Interview schedule, the robot and AI  performs routine and repetitive tasks like sourcing candidates from various job portals, making cold calls and creating the meeting links.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Automated Workflow helps in creating the job requisition, shortlisting the candidates and confirming the Interview slots
  • Leveraging Automation Anywhere Bot, the process of sourcing, screening and conducting the interviews are automated resulting in saving huge time in manually selecting the candidates
  • Integrates with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to convert Job description text to speech and use it for Cold calling
  • Real time data analytics and reporting tools helps in tracking the candidate’s status through the hiring process
  • With automation all candidates are screened against the same criteria consistently