Intelligent Remote Asset Management

Asset managers in all industries struggle to find a reliable option to issue and track assets. With existing practices, asset management workflows are undefined and heavily reliant on human resources, making it hard to achieve regulatory compliance and cost efficiency. This leads to missing assets, unbudgeted surpluses, shortages, inaccurate tracking, and an unclear understanding of the overall state of your inventory. This Intelligent Remote Asset Management application will enable workforces to maintain a more regulated process of tracking and issuing assets.

This application will serve to bridge the gap between employees and their asset managers by providing them with the tools to better communicate requests, decommissions, returns, and more. It helps to alleviate some human reliance by enabling employees to use their smartphones to take a picture of asset serial numbers and automatically extract the asset ID’s, leveraging the Google Vision API.

With the mass Work-from-Home movement, triggered by COVID-19 pandemic, tools to accommodate a fully remote workspace are more critical than ever.

This application serves to improve the asset management practices of workforces.

  • Using their smartphones, employees are enabled to utilize OCR and AI (through the Google Vision API) to extract serial numbers from issued assets to confirm they are in the correct possession.
  • Employees can also add new assets into the system, view their inventory of assigned equipment, request new assets to be issued, and record the return of an item.
  • As employees, asset managers have many of the same capabilities, but they are also empowered to decommission assets and manage requests for new assets.
  • With many industries still using paper forms and documents, this tool is equipped to process paper requests with the power of Appian's Intelligent Document Processing toolset to greatly improve processing time and workflow monitoring.

This tool will empower workforces to:

  • Eliminate reliance on human accuracy by leveraging OCR and AI for data entry of asset identification numbers
  • Avoid unpredictable and reactive equipment issuance by providing a clear vision of your inventory, both currently and historically
  • Streamline the process of issuing employees new equipment to be time efficient
  • Eliminate unbudgeted expenses due to unaccounted for and unreturned equipment
  • Abide closely to compliance regulations for asset management practices
  • Accommodate workforces beyond office-centric jobs by providing a fully mobile platform
  • Eliminate paper forms and processes by replacing them with digital forms and workflows