Investor Onboarding


Onboarding is a cumbersome and time-consuming process which involves complex due diligence, extensive documentation, and often manual communication methods, all of which can lead to delays and inefficiencies in fund operations.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Centralise data in one place with Appian's Data Fabric which unifies data from multiple systems to enable secure and easy access to enterprise data.
  • Two types of tailored applications: an Investor facing portal for Investors to interact with and securely access information, and an internal facing application to manage onboarding cases. However, each application can also stand alone.
  • Advanced auditing, rich reporting, and access to historical data, to enable compliance and continuous improvements.
  • Intelligent Document Processing to extract key details from Identity Documents.
  • Auto-form-filling of Investor details and dynamic forms which adapt live depending on answers given.
  • Live risk calculator tailored to your risk criteria.

Benefits & Business Impact

A structured, internal and Investor facing, data backed centralised onboarding solution that:

  • Can be seamlessly adapted to your business needs and processes.
  • Tracks complete transparency and traceability allowing for advanced auditing to ensure continued regulatory compliance.
  • Provides a centralised view that allows all internal parties involved to collaborate inside a single platform that is specifically designed for your business needs.
  • Provides Investors with an overview of their investment portfolio, access to fund and onboarding documents, and contact details for fund management. This module is optional.
  • Generates analytics to enable effective data driven business management, identify inefficiencies, and track results against custom SLAs.
  • Generates Subscription Documents and Side Letters, collecting Investor specific Side Letter terms in a structured manner to ensure mandate compliance.