iSCAQ system, built on Appian platform, provides an integrated SaaS (optional managed service) solution covering all aspects of Contractor & Supplier Accreditation & Quality management.  It enables enterprises with tighter regulatory compliance, real time visibility into available workforce and supplier quality leading to efficient workforce planning required for optimal customer experience.

Following are the benefits an organisation can realise swiftly by embracing iSACQ solution:

  • Uninterrupted Workforce Planning
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Real-time Workforce Quality Measurement
  • Service Quality and Timely Delivery
  • Automated Governance and Compliance

Key Functionality and Features:

  1. Workforce Registration - Register anytime, anywhere and from any device with following security & approval process.
    • Account creation
    • Authentication by integration or SSO
    • Approval process of contractor account
  2. Workforce Accreditation - It enables you to achieve faster, reliable, and accurate verification process with up to date record of contractor credentials and lower operating expenses.
    • Manual certificate and licence verification
    • AI & Machine Learning verification
    • Configurable workflows and inductions
  3. Workforce Enablement - Reduce your paper footprint, training cost with greater control and compliances of Operational health & safety policies.
    • Anytime anywhere induction and training
    • Always up to date training record
    • Easy to use induction module
    • Integrate with your own learning system
  4. Workforce Digital ID - This feature gives you convenient Digital ID on your device, It can be easily integrated with your printers for physical IDs, access card and key systems.
  5. Workforce & Supplier Audit - You can get on demand Audit reports to manage public, employee liability & risk exposure and it ensures qualified contractors deliver work for your organisation.
    • Real time risk compliance registers
    • Complete log and audit trails
    • Automated accreditation audits
    • In-field audit