JMeter for Appian


Using this plug-in JMeter provides an easy way record and replay Appian processes.

JMeter for Appian accomplishes this by hooking into JMeter's Test Script Recorder mechanism. It alters the behavior of most HTTP requests so that additional logic runs when the test is recorded. This logic extracts the standard dynamic values that are passed back and forth when a user interacts with Appian.

Key Features & Functionality

This JMeter plug-in will add post processing to Appian requests/responses to:

  • Automatically handle headers for authentication
  • Automatically handle parameterization of context, _cIds and saveIntos in SAIL requests/responses
  • Automatically handle parameterization of taskIds for chained tasks
  • Automatically handle parameterization of docIds for uploads
  • Automatically handle parameterization of cacheKeys/parameters

The plug-in does not attempt to parameterize end user entered data. This could however be added to the generated test script.

  • Does this plug-in work in Appian 21 version?

    Hi, we have tried this plug-in in Appian 21 version and we can´t login to our Appian cloud.

    We have followed step by step the Jmeter for Appian documentation and we have made a simple navigation in our cloud. Using Jmeter version 5.4.1 or 5.3, we get the same errors. When we stop recording, we can see our tree results all in green. But if we run the test again, we find problems in our login item, specifically in X-APPIAN-CSRF-TOKEN.

    We have tried to pass ${COOKIE___appianCsrfToken} but we don’t know exactly the way to use that. If we will need a regular expresion extractor to pass this, could you help us with the steps to use that please?


  • It may be an issue with your Try setting


    You can use a regex extractor like __appianCsrfToken:\s+(.+) on the headers, but I believe that value updates between the initial get and the login, which is why I like to use the cookie variable instead.

  • Thanks, that works!

    Now i have a problem with a post request, a saveInto variable, could you help me?

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