Knowledge and Learning Management (KNOW)

Appcino’s Knowledge and Learning Management (KNOW) application acts as a digital knowledge repository for corporate knowledge items. From software applications to departmental policies and procedures, to professional development modules, the app provides a single location to collect, contribute and share essential knowledge content.   Using this application knowledge is easily accessible and organized which creates a positive impact on the productivity of business users.  It creates an agile learning platform that enables users to classify knowledge items by organizational groupings while simultaneously keeping everyone updated on the latest organization. The smart search based on Microsoft QnA Maker allows users to find the right content.

Appcino's KNOW application is part of Appcino's CRM on Appian suite but is also available independently.

Example Use-Cases:

  • Document your important process and make them standard. The knowledge base can include information on procedures,  how to's, or faq's.
  • Experienced caseworkers can create the knowledge base articles and share the most frequently occurring problems and the solutions. These solutions are of great use to business users and other case workers as these contain the proven answers for the common issues and can be used as is by the caseworker to reply to a similar problem.
  • Using knowledge base articles, all agents can communicate in the same manner, therefore, minimizing  confusion and improving the consistency of the replies.
  • From any interface business users can search for their questions in the knowledge base widget and find the answers right there helping them to continue their work without blockers.
  • Expose the knowledge base in chatbots like Microsoft QnA Maker and Amazon Lex.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Let your users find answers to the common problem 24 x 7 through the easily accessible site, knowledge base widget, and chatbots.
  • Integrate knowledge base solution widget in your case management application to recommend the matching solutions..
  • Create nicely formatted knowledge base articles, QnA, Solutions from Appian.
  • Manage your articles, set an expiry, review date and approvals.
  • Embed knowledge base articles in any Appian interface as a help article.
  • Provides the My Knowledgebase section to manage the knowledge base developed by the user
  • Expose any knowledge base subject in a Microsoft QnA Maker chatbots or Amazon Lex chatbots.