KPMG Insurance Claims Modernization


Many insurers are embarking on implementations of modern, cloud-based core administration systems. Unfortunately, these large projects are costly multiyear initiatives. Most organizations cannot wait this long to realize the benefits of digitized processes. They need a simpler way to create scalable, flexible solutions - fast. Claims management is one of the areas where agility is needed quickly. Claims lie at the intersection of customer experience and business profitability. They provide the opportunity to deliver a positive customer experience and build loyalty.  They also require insurance companies to pay out, an action that impacts profitability.

Key Features & Functionality

KPMG’s Insurance Claims Modernization solution accelerates time to value for digital claims management by transforming end-to-end claims processes and connecting legacy applications to modern digital applications leveraging Appian’s Connected Claims solution built on the Appian low-code automation platform. 

With Claims Modernization, insurers can 

  • Accelerate the benefit realization of multiyear transformation projects
  • Reduce the payback period for core administration systems
  • Drive innovation and new technology adoption concurrently with modernization efforts
  • Increase the volume of touchless claims by integrating automation into the business workflow

By providing a bridge between legacy applications and modern core administration systems, the joint offering from KPMG and Appian can help streamline claims operations to optimize claims handling, reduce leakage and generate a simplified, impactful user experience. 

KPMG Insurance Claims Modernization quickly connects your core administration system - whether legacy or modern - to the  Appian low-code, digital technology. It can enhance and extend your core systems and hedges against obsolescence through flexible integrations with market leading microservice calls. 

Benefits & Business Impact

KPMG professionals already built integrations to a wide variety of third-party AI and analytical tools that connect seamlessly into the Appian workflow. Some of the existing and future capabilities include:

  • AI algorithms leverage predictive analytics to identify vehicle or property damage  outcomes
  • A live telematics microservice integration built into Appian infers an accident, triggers a claim, and predicts injury
  • The AI-enabled photo estimation tool ingests documents and invoices
  • Dynamic generation of document templates and facilitation of claimant signature collection
  • Texting and communication technologies
  • Initiation and recording of phone calls directly from the application
  • Ability to launch surveys, capture responses, and analyze feedback across claimants
  • Intelligent automation, advanced analytics, Internet of Things, blockchain, and other technologies.
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