LEM Verify Utility

Across industries the need to identify and verify the client is the need of the hour. Generally, firms spend a lot of time performing due diligence as this is key for them to onboard a client.
Scenarios where the client is an existing client may also require identity check considering the volatility of people's location in today’s era.

The three main challenges

  • Time taken to perform the due diligence
  • Customers have to send the documents to the firm to perform the identity check
  • Receiving real time status update with respect to the progress made by the customers

To address these challenges Low Code Minds created an easy client verification through Appian by integrating a powerful third party KYC check platform - LEM Verify.

The utility provides a re-usable integration module that speeds development time by giving Appian Designers an opportunity to quickly and easily integrate LEM Verify into applications. Providing a full range of functionality, developers can rely on the LEM Verify utility to handle all aspects of the identity check from sending an email to the customer to upload a document for identity verification and updating statuses in Appian at each step of client identity verification in the LEM system.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Identification and verification of the customer with a single click
  • Customers will receive email and progress to perform document and video identity checks based on the identity document type.
  • Provide the integration response status (Passed, Referred, Liveness detection) based on the verification performed.

For more information on LEM Verify please visit their website and review their pricing model here