Litigation Management


Organizations, especially those that are large, at one time or another, are faced with the reality of defending against a legal action filed by a counterparty or litigating against another party to protect their own legitimate interests. Litigation either as the defendant or as the plaintiff can be a costly endeavor. Problems in effectively managing litigation matters are compounded through manual tracking of legal processes, tracking case details in spreadsheets on an individual’s hard drive, and having varied case document stores such as filing cabinets, personal storage, and emails. Manual processes and tracking make it impossible to streamline case tasks and often result in missed deadlines adding to the organization’s legal and financial consequences. Lack of reporting and visibility for authorized stakeholders makes it difficult to strategically resolve litigation matters and put in place effective risk management railguards.

Key Features & Functionality

Our Litigation Management Application provides the following key features:

  • End-to-End Legal Matter Management: Our solution ensures the secure management of legal matters throughout the entire litigation lifecycle, covering stages like Pleading, Pre-trial, Trial, and Appeal. This guarantees a systematic approach to filing matter details and tracking court hearings.
  • Advanced Document Management: With robust capabilities, users can seamlessly search for documents by name and tag, and effortlessly upload new versions. This enhances document accessibility and organization, contributing to a more efficient workflow.
  • Dynamic Case Contacts Management: Witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants, and related parties are managed dynamically throughout the litigation lifecycle, adapting to the changing dynamics of legal cases.
  • Effective Cost Estimation: Our solution enables authorized users to estimate case expenses based on lawyer and court tariffs, and case attributes such as type of legal matter and number of case actions enabling effective financial planning and budget management.
  • Integrated Timesheets: Authorized stakeholders such as lawyers can record billable hours for litigation cases, contributing to financial transparency on costs incurred, and for purposes of facilitating invoicing.
  • Centralized Calendar: Enables authorized users to efficiently schedule and coordinate appointments such as case hearings, ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed about critical events in legal proceedings.
  • AI-Powered Data Extraction: The application incorporates machine learning and AI technologies to rapidly process documents. This feature enhances precision in extracting legal information, contributing to a more streamlined approach in managing case-related documents and optimizing decision-making in legal case management.

Benefits & Business Impact

Our Litigation Management Solution provides the following benefits for organizations managing legal matters :

  • Organizing Information: Centralizes case details, documents, and deadlines to eliminate information overload.
  • Streamlining Workflows: Improves efficiency by managing tasks, assignments, and communication in a unified platform.
  • Enhancing Document Management: Ensures version control, secure storage, and easy retrieval of legal documents, reducing errors.
  • Facilitating Communication: Fosters effective collaboration among case stakeholders through unified case views and the ability for authorized users to communicate in the context of the case via case notes and documents.
  • Deadline Management: Prevents missed deadlines with alert and reminder features, avoiding legal and financial consequences.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provides insights into case data, enabling informed decision-making, assessing incurred lawyer costs, and assessing the effectiveness of legal strategies.
  • Cost Control: Tracks estimated case expenses based on lawyer and court tariffs, billable hours, and lawyer costs incurred.
  • Contacts Management: Manages plaintiffs, defendants, interveners, and related parties for a litigation matter as records enabling easy tracking of involved parties.
  • Centralized Calendar: Offers a centralized view of all hearing dates ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed about critical events in litigation matters.
  • Audit Tracking: Valuable for tracking changes, ensuring data integrity, and providing a transparent record of all activities related to a case.
  • Automate Document Extraction: Use Artificial Intelligence-based document extraction to automatically create case details thereby leading to time and cost savings allowing case stakeholders to focus on more value-added tasks.

Overall, our Litigation Management Application enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors, improves financial planning, and fosters transparency.