Load Resource Bundle


Provides a function that loads a properties file from Appian Document Management and returns a dictionary of labels and values.

  • Can be used for internationalizing form labels, instructions, etc.  
  • The file is read from the Document Management system of Appian instead of from a specific path on disk
  • Loads the entire file into a dictionary instead of reading one key/value pair at a time
  • Supports complex characters (Chinese, Russian, etc.) by forcing UTF-8 character encoding

How to i18n your Form:

  1. Store your key=value pairs in a properties file as an Appian document for each supported language.
  2. One each SAIL form, load the key=value pairs using one of the plugin functions. 3) On your form, any place you want internationalized text, set the text by indexing into the returned dictionary of bundle data by specific keys.

Key Features and Functions


  • loadbundle() load a single bundle resource file which is an Appian document
  • loadbundlefromfolder() load one or more bundle resource files from an Appian folder for a specific locale