Log Reader


Plug-in Notes:

  • Allows only System Administrators or members of the Designers group to access log data.  
  • Does not load files outside the logs directory or files that do not end in .log.* or .csv.*.
  • On multi-application-server environments, logs will only be shown from a single application server.
  • Custom headers can be specified as an optional parameter. This is meant to be used for .csv files that don't contain a header.

Key Features & Functionality

The Appian Log Reader Plug-in contains functionality to:

  • Read files in the Appian /log folder (.csv or .log) and return them as structured data
  • Aggregate data from a .csv file
  • Serve as the source for a service-backed record for viewing logs
  • Is the plug-in out-of-date with the later Appian version?. We use the readcsvlogpagingwithheaders to pull the data from the logs and establish headers to help parse the data. However, that same function only create the header but doesn't pull in the data. The other functions from the plug-in are able to pull in the data but without pre-defined header so it uses the first row of data to make the headers which is incorrect and we can't parse the data like that.

    • We are not in High Availability environment
    • From what we can tell, the plugin stop working after version 22.2 or 22.3
    • We are on 23.2 as of this comment
  • Hi Trong Quan, we are also facing similar issue after upgrading to 23.3, Would you please let us know if you were able to get the issue resolved?

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