Low-Code Omnichannel Contact Center System


LOCCS brings your Contact Center interaction data into Appian to provide a unified view into your customer’s journeys with your organization. With Twilio Flex powering the omnichannel agent desktop experience for voice calls, SMS texts, and web chat conversations, your contact center can tap into the power of the Appian low-code platform for managing customer records, support interaction workflows, and historical data in one single-pane-of-glass user interface.

Key Features & Functionality

  • LOCCS provides standardized records for managing customers and customer interaction history.
  • LOCCS seamlessly integrates with your existing, unique business data, giving you the ultimate flexibility for deploying a contact center on top of Appian.
  • The LOCCS Solution includes an exclusive Twilio Flex Plugin that allows the embedding of Appian forms inside the Flex UI for an easy to maintain and seamless user experience.

Benefits & Business Impact

With LOCCS, your agents have one true singular support experience. By embedding Appian in Twilio Flex, your organization is able to leverage all of the benefits of building an omnichannel contact center experience on Twilio, and still be able to build the exact workflow and low code data experience in Appian - without sacrificing any functionality of either platform.