Maantics On Demand Audit (MODA)


Any organization or business needs to be compliant to certain standards related to its vertical. Various organizations deal with piles of paperwork and complex software tools during internal audit process. Performing manual audit in any enterprise portfolio can be both time-consuming and expensive. With the explosive growth of data flowing across the organization, it’s a tall order for anybody to ensure accurate auditing and compliance requirements are met to support their business model. That’s when the masterpiece framework using Appian application has been designed i.e.) Maantic On-Demand Audit (MODA) using Appian helps auditor & audit department leadership to manage all aspects of the audit process.

Maantic On-Demand Audit (MODA) Appian solution is an independent assurance activity performed to provide value addition to the entity’s operations to achieve its objectives. It helps to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of internal control, risk management and governance processes. It helps to safeguard against potential fraud, waste, or abuse to the management to improve the entity’s operations and efficiency of resource utilization.

Key Features & Functionality

Our Maantics On Demand Audit (MODA) solution caters to the purpose of running mock audits or internal audits end-to-end to find the risk areas as an important step towards preparedness of actual audits and mitigate them in most efficient way. The entire audit process is automated with detailed insights and reports and a vastly configurable system. The complex task of right from initiating the audit for a particular standard till the audit ratings and reports are visible in a comprehendible dashboard.

  • Easy standard configuration across Industries
  • Schedule an audit
  • Choose partial or full standards for auditing
  • Easy approvals
  • User friendly dashboards and forms
  • Comprehendible and configurable reports
  • Role based access and functionalities
  • Email notifications
  • Role based KPIs
  • Consolidated standard related document repository.


  • Administrator
    • Create standards
    • Register the organization
    • Identify and create PoCs for every organization
    • Impersonate the PoCs to identify any issues
  • Organization Admin
    • Edit and maintain the organization’s details.
    • Register/ add or Edit role specific users within an organization.
  • Surveyor / Auditor
    • Initiate/Schedule an audit.
    • Review audit responses.
    • Attach the missing supporting documents if needed.
  • Liaison Officer
    • Approve/Reject an audit once initiated.
    • Change the assignees for a standard if needed in an ad-hoc manner for respective individual audits.
  • Head of the Department
    • Responsible for their standards in audits.
    • Review the responses submitted by subordinate employees.
    • Approves/Rejects the documents uploaded in the supporting repository
  • Employees
    • Responds to audit standards.
    • Uploads/Refer supporting documents on the go.

Benefits & Business Impact

Increased speed of data collection thereby multiplies the response rate with an easy-to-use Appian solution - Maantics On Demand Audit (MODA)

  • Transition from Paper based to Computer based System
  • Facilitates transparency in governance
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Improves efficiency
  • Facilitates accountability
  • Create/Schedule an Internal/mock audit on the go
  • Configure the standards and roles
  • Identify risk areas
  • Mitigate the risks with timely actions
  • Prepare for the actual audit
  • Save time and resources
  • Find everything in one place
  • Be Ready for actual audits
  • Produce results and reports to stakeholders