MySQL Dump to Document

Contains a Smart Service that generates a document in a folder with a database dump file (.sql) of a MySQL database. The generated document contains a sequence of Create Table, Insert Table, and Create View statements.

Inputs Parameters:

  • Database Name
    • Database name or JNDI name/schema name of the data source for which you want to generate the dump.
  • Table Names Start With
    • A string array that accepts the prefixes or names of the tables and views that needs to be dumped. Use ={""} to export all.
  • Include Views
    • Specify whether to include CREATE VIEW statements
  • Document To Override
    • Select an existing document if this new SQL dump shall be a new version of an existing document. If a new document is to be created then provide document name and folder instead.
  • New Document Name
    • If the generated document needs to be a new document, this name will be used.
  • Destination Folder
    • Specify the folder location if this is a new document and not a new version.
  • Lock Tables
    • Specify whether to lock the tables while creating the SQL dump

Outputs Parameters:

  • Generated Dump Document
    • The result of the dump file will be available in the output parameter.

Includes a check to prevent pulling more rows for the export if the heap usage is already at 80% or more.

  • Release notes for v5.0.0 (12/05/2018):

    -- Previous Smart Service is now listed as "Deprecated"

    -- The New Smart Service (under the same name), has the new input "Lock Tables"

    -- Fixed Issue where choosing an empty directory as a dump file destination would not be correctly populated