Non-Disclosure Agreement Generator


When developing solutions for a client or in cases where your company is directly involved with an external partner, it is important to have your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) correctly generated so that you don’t have any problems disclosing sensitive information. Without an NDA, exchanging information introduces a risk of losing rights to some intellectual property. The Deft NDA Generator application can be flexible and customizable depending on the line of your business.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Create customizable non-disclosure agreements in PDF format.
  • Approve or deny NDAs for your company depending on your company's best practices.
  • Ability to create multiple addresses set up if your company has multiple venues.
  • Choose between individual NDA or company NDA.
  • Have complete confidentiality so that authorized users can see all the agreements created.
  • Send your NDA to one or many email addresses.
  • Add or edit your Email details to include a carbon copy and also a blind carbon copy of your NDA.

Benefits & Business Impact

Expedite and standardize a repeatable process to generate an NDA customized to your organization protect your intellectual property when sharing information with potential clients and partners.