Nuvitek Citizen Engagement Platform


Today, federal agencies receive a tsunami of correspondence from citizens and constituents without a systematic or effective way to process all of these requests in an integrated, timely manner. This correspondence includes- Questions, Complaints, Concerns, , General correspondence, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Budget questions, Congressional inquiries, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requests, and more.

Specific Challenges include

  • Lack of Data Visibility due to use of inefficient tracking and reporting methods (spreadsheets, phone calls and email) that hinder transparency masking bottlenecks and risks
  • Inaccurate classification methods to triage correspondences with varied degree of urgency
  • Lack of ownership and accountability across ambiguous process workflows reduce productivity
  • Cumbersome and tedious intake process resulting in incorrect routing, delay and inconsistent responses to similar issues which severely reduces citizen satisfaction
  • Siloed and outdated systems add complexity due to use of unintegrated tools and processes
  • Negative Press and Reputation from low customer experience for citizens, potentially resulting in legal action or fines
  • Insufficient executive reporting dashboards for compelling visualization of key metrics for decision makers
  • Lack of flexibility in workflow routing and customization for complex process processes to seamlessly adapt to agency needs (adhoc/dynamic)

Key Features & Functionality

The Nuvitek Citizen Engagement Solution built on the Appian low-code automation platform provides a seamless and collaborative customer experience between Citizens and the Government to conduct efficient and timely operations. The solution includes extensible integration capabilities with AI/ML, Real Time Collaboration, eSignature, Transparency and Accountability Dashboards to automate the entire process.

  • Machine Learning driven guided processes (data entry/ workflow suggestion) decrease the time to process and disposition tasks quickly
  • Combine people, processes, and data in a single workflow to streamline and simplify the end-to-end Citizen Engagement
  • Streamlined Intake Process and audit trail reduces processing time by x20
  • Document OCR and Data Extractions results in x10 increased data accuracy
  • Customizable Workflows to adjust to specific agency processes and needs
  • Dashboard and Reporting - KPI visibility on dashboard provides actionable insights on tasks
  • Advanced Search and Saving Search Criteria - Saves time

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Accelerated delivery and implementation time by having an out-of-the-box, packaged offering to mitigate risk
  • Document Collaboration and Digital Signature promotes comprehensive response & accountability across stakeholders by enabling across various document collaboration tools (staff (executive secretaries), analysts, responders, approvers and constituents)
  • AI-Driven Classification and Routing reduces errors and redundancies in classifying correspondence data, ensuring response consistency and task delegation
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