Nuvitek Permit Management Solution


Most permitting systems are implemented in siloed, outdated, inefficient systems that cause long processing times. This affects not only constituents who need their permit applications processed quickly, but also the agencies that oversee the issuance, compliance, and enforcement of those permits.

Duplicate data entry, rigid legacy systems, unintuitive user interfaces, and a lack of data transparency are major hindrances to the permitting process, causing delays of up to two months and other challenges, including the following:

  • Costly non-compliance and regulatory fines due to the lack of an audit trail and centralized data.
  • Significant manual entry delays are caused by limited ability to enter data and evidence in offline environments.
  • Inability to address risks and bottlenecks because of limited permitting data visibility.
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to delayed processing with a lack of collaboration and inefficient back-and-forth communication between constituents, agents, and the general counsel.

Key Features & Functionality

Built on the Appian Low-Code Platform, Nuvitek’s Permitting and Licensing Solution provides a digitized, wizard-driven application process with complete visibility into application status. The solution is equipped with the following capabilities and features:

  • Intuitive interface: easy-to-use interface ensures process efficiency and an intuitive public portal provides self-service functionality.
  • Quicker permitting process: built-in checks and validations reduce the time to obtain a permit from months to days.
  • Clear audit trail: tracks, monitors, and delegates tasks and identifies bottlenecks.
  • Seamless integration: delivers convenience through integrations that help expedite data entry validation (USPS), payment processing (Pay.Gov), and site visualization (using Google Maps).
  • Automated workflow: incorporating AI/ML and RPA enable knowledge workers to shift their focus to higher-value tasks.
  • Centralized data: to view all permitting and licensing data in one place.

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Online application filings - Complete wizard-driven application process with milestone tracking.
  • Bulk permit filings - Ability to take action on multiple permits (i.e. renewal or bulk adjustment of ownership). 
  • Improved constituent experience - Easy access to register constituent complaints ensures quick complaint resolution.
  • Quicker payment fee processing - All payments (processing fees, renewal, fines, etc.) are collected and processed via seamless integration with Pay.Gov for improved user experience.
  • Self-service tasks - Permit holders can quickly complete tasks to reduce dependency on government staff, which allows them to focus on mission-critical work.
  • Improved compliance - Detailed audit logs and seamless integration help monitor permit compliance and complaint resolution.