OSM Maps Component

OSM Maps is a SAIL Component that enables you to integrate Open Street Maps in Appian with a variety of features. It allows you to visualize your organization data based on geography. Directly take any action on that data from the map. Tested with more than 10,000 markers!


  • Set mode as 'CLUSTER' and group data while showing customizable aggregated information on markers with no overrides. Run time drill down on clusters. Clusters also act as Heat Maps by showing density using colors.
  • Example: Cluster data on region basis to calculate leads count or total intensity by region.

Custom Markers:

  • Define your own graphical custom markers based on the data.
  • Example: Customize markers with image, or colors to identify between leads, contacts, accounts, etc.

Smart Actions

  • Take any Appian action on selected markers directly from the map. Selected Smart Actions are returned to Appian to take any action needed.
  • Example: Assign a task to relationship managers of all leads within a region.

Dynamically Select & Export Selected Markers

  • Allowing Selection of region by selecting any polygon on maps and export the markers lying in that polygon.
  • Example: Export data of all leads of a particular region.

Filter Data Points/ Markers

  • Accept a Dictionary structure of all markers and automatically allows you to filter the map based on sent categories.
  • Example: Filter Leads on the Map by Status (Hot, Cold, Warm).

Points Of Interest (POI)

  • Based on current location, get all the POIs nearby and take any Appian action on them
  • Example: Get all the restaurants near your current location.


  • Get the shortest route to any marker from your current location along with detailed directions. Allows you to calculate travel timings to your customer locations right from Appian itself.


  • Download the map snippet in PNG format as portrait or landscape and print it easily.
  • Example: Share and analyze the data among peers.

Share Location

  • Share a location with custom messages


  • Search address directly in OSM Maps

US Zips Export

  • Draw any region over the US and get all Zip Codes that lies within it

Get Address

  • Click anywhere (land) and get its geo details.
  • v1.3.1 Release Notes
    • If maxmarkerCount is present, the user cannot select markers more than the specified count.
    • Parameter showLatLangInPopup added. If this is set to false, the popup on marker hover will not show the latitude longitude details. If the value is not provided default value will be taken as true.
    • Parameter `enableMapInteraction` added. If this is set to false the Map will not allow the user to interact with the markers in the component(select/deselect them). If the value is not provided default value will be taken as false.
  • v1.3.0 Release Notes
    • Added additional feature to Change default Color of the marker with parameter borderColor and textColor inside marker
    • Hover Over the marker to view the data associated with the marker.
    • Using the parameter `enableMarkerColorChange` and ‘markerSelectedColor’ the user can represent the color change on click of a available marker to the color mentioned in marker selected color
    • Parameter `maxMarkerCount` introduced.This provides a limit on the number of markers to be selected using ‘OnMarkerClick’.If Marker Selected list is greater than maxMarkerCount a validation message will be displayed on the component
    • Width of Map Increased for US Region

  • Hello All!!!

    Does anybody know how to get the data on clicking of marker in the map area and also to select multiple marker??

    Thanks in advance.

  • How do you get clusters showing in different colors? 

    It would be nice if there is a user guide.  This component is great with lots potential, but without instructions, it is hard to know how to do it.

  • v1.2.0 Release Notes
    • Release by Vuram
    • Added additional feature to zoom in and out of the map using the parameter `zoomlevel` which accepts values from 0 to 18. 0 - World; 5 - Landmass/continent; 10 - City; 15 - Streets; 18 - Buildings
    • Using the parameter `mapCenter` the user can represent the centre of the map by providing the latitude and longitude values.
    • The other buttons except the zoom available on the map to share location and print can be hidden based on the user’s choice with the `hideExceptZoomButton`.
    • ‘enablePolygonDraw` when set to true allows the user to draw a rectangle or circle from the map after selecting a region and returns the list of regions.
    • The watermark can be shown or hidden by setting `enableWatermark` to true or false.
  • Does anybody have more information on the this?  I need to setup multiple routes on a map and color code them.