People Functions


Contains a collection of user and group related Functions and Smart Services as detailed below.

Please note that this plugin contains functions that were previously included in the Group Functions plugin and the User and Group Management Application plug-in.

IMPORTANT: Prior to deploying v1.9 or the latest version of the People Functions plugin, please un-deploy the Group Plugins function and the User And Group Management Application plugin if they are present on your environment.

Deprecated functions and smart service are now included out of the box.

Key Features & Functionality


  • getgroupbyname
  • getgroupnames
  • getgrouptypename
  • getgroupsoftype
  • getgroupsoftypefromlist
  • getmembergroups
  • getmembergroupsoftype
  • getModifiedUsersByTimestamp
  • getParentsOfGroups
  • getUsersLastPasswordChange
  • retrieveusersecurityrolemap
  • validateEmailAddress
  • getUsersByUUID
  • getGroupTypeAttributes

Smart Services:

  • Add People As Group Admins
  • Unlock User