People Functions


Contains a collection of user and group related Functions and Smart Services as detailed below.

Please note that this plugin contains functions that were previously included in the Group Functions plugin and the User and Group Management Application plug-in.

IMPORTANT: Prior to deploying v1.9 or the latest version of the People Functions plugin, please un-deploy the Group Plugins function and the User And Group Management Application plugin if they are present on your environment.

Deprecated functions and smart service are now included out of the box.

Key Features & Functionality


  • getgroupbyname
  • getgroupnames
  • getgrouptypename
  • getgroupsoftype
  • getgroupsoftypefromlist
  • getmembergroups
  • getmembergroupsoftype
  • getModifiedUsersByTimestamp
  • getParentsOfGroups
  • getUsersLastPasswordChange
  • retrieveusersecurityrolemap
  • validateEmailAddress
  • getUsersByUUID
  • getGroupTypeAttributes

Smart Services:

  • Add People As Group Admins
  • Unlock User
  • v1.16.0 Release Notes
    • Updated deprecated APIs, added License File, and changed the application minimum version to 23.2

  • I am encountering the following error in the health check report with the most recent version of the plugin (1.15):

    Error - com.appiancorp.suiteapi.common.ServiceLocator.getUserProfileService(

    Has this issue been addressed in the latest version? Thank you!

  • getParentsOfGroups - this function is running slowly, taking minimum 2 seconds to a maximum of 400 seconds, caused our entire test region to go down for an hour by consuming all AJP threads, any suggestions or replacements available to achieve the same? The requirement is to get the parent groups of a group (for which this function looks to serve the best, but at the cost of 100% resources,lol.) Please suggest any workaround.

  • You can try using todatasubset(apply(getgroupprofile(_),getallgroups(-1,0))) this instead.

  • We are facing few issues with people functions 'groupprofilerecordtypesource' in Dev region: "The Requested Record Type Is Not Available An error occurred while retrieving the data for "Groups". Details: Expression evaluation error in rule 'recordsource' at function 'groupprofilerecordtypesource' [line 11]: The passed parameter(s) are of the wrong type. Received the type com.appiancorp.common.xml.JaxbConversionException: JAXB failure trying to convert typed value TypedValue[it=1474,v={TypedValue[it=1478,v={{{groupType,groupType,1},{name,name,1},{description,description,1},{securityType,securityType,1},{privacy,privacy,1},{membership,membership,1},{created,created,1},{lastModified,lastModified,1},{parent,parent,1}}}],TypedValue[it=1154,v={groupType,=,,TypedValue[it=3,v=Business Role],<null>}],{1,50,{{name,1}}}}] to java class com.appiancorp.common.query.Query. (APNX-1-4205-003)".

    Upon investigation, we found that the people function plugin was upgrade on 06/10/2022 in Dev region, while in the other regions the Plugin was upgraded last week.(Completed 4 Appian upgrade post October)
    This discrepancy is suspected to be the potential cause for the issue.
    Is it possible to downgrade the plugin to previous version?

  • groupprofilerecordtypesource(query) Is this function available in latest release ?

  • we are facing the same issue using the version 1.11, but only after upgrading to Appian 22.3. Is this problem fixed in a more recent version of the plugin?

  • while deploying the plugin I get the error on the attached screenshot

  • I am using function "validateNameForUser" in my application. Earlier it was working fine, but now getting error on UI as "You don't have permission to view this page". In system log, I found error as below:

    at a!xray_eval.(SYSTEM_SYSRULES_xray_eval:1)
    at a!xray_parseAndInstrumentWrapper.(SYSTEM_SYSRULES_xray_parseAndInstrumentWrapper:60)
    at a!xray_startFormWrapper.(SYSTEM_SYSRULES_xray_startFormWrapper:27)
    at ______________________________SAIL_TO_JAVA_BOUNDARY______________________________.esId=1a7093f0fb40f23b:ca1b2df0fd53743c(Unknown Source)

    I am using People Plugin with version 1.10 now. Can you please help me to know the root cause and solution of this issue.

  • Can we use the update profile advanced if not what can we use instead of that smart service to provide a value to the custom field for the users in admin console??