Personalized Wealth Advisory


The wealth management industry is under pressure to increase revenue and wallet share, in a “hyper-personalized” competitive environment. Today, clients utilize digital channels even when they have a dedicated advisor and expect to get access to investment recommendations and financial advice round the clock. Self-service portals for investors with personalization is imperative, to improve the asset managers’ productivity and subsequently increase the number of clients served.

We see that Wealth Managers (WMs) are staring at a large, untapped market: Individuals who have simple investment needs, limited financial knowledge, and wealth of $100k- $3M. BCG calls it the “simple-needs segment*.” ~331 million individuals, holding $59 trillion in investable wealth. Of these, ~70% are Baby boomers (~51–70 years old), ~20% are Gen X (~35–50 years old) and ~10% are Millennials (<35 years old). WMs often overlook people in the simple-needs segment because their assets are too large to conform to retail offerings and too small to attract the attention that higher net worth tiers draw.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Customer self-service portals that allow complete control over fund management and improve user experience.
  • Supercharged advisors with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fund configurations for portfolio construction
  • Tailored fund recommendations based on needs analysis, risk attitude and financial goals.
  • Comprehensive portfolio summary views and fund performance views
  • Video KYC Screening powered by Vision AI for faster onboarding.
  • AI-powered investment advice enabled by ChatGPT Integration for 24x7 assistance

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Increase sales effectiveness: Increase conversion rates with personalized recommendations
  • Increase advisor productivity: Serve more clients as real-time insights can reduce customer service costs by 20% and operations costs by 30%
  • Ready-to-use tools improve Advisors' efficiency, NPS and cost-to sell ratio
  • Increased customer engagement with self-service portals that allow complete control over fund management
  • Better user experience owing to real-time insights and intelligent assistance

The solution promotes a collaborative investment experience with ready-to-use tools that improve Advisors' efficiency, NPS and cost-to sell ratio. It also helps increase sales effectiveness by increasing conversion rates with personalized recommendations and bolsters customer engagement owing to real-time insights on fund performance and intelligent 24X7 assistance to financial advice.