Position Description Management

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) mandates federal agencies to classify position descriptions (PDs) in order to hire qualified individuals. Currently, most agencies do not have an effective way to track their PDs or open new positions referencing their classified PDs. Furthermore, many agencies do not have a way to efficiently maintain their positions, determine and track vacancies, and execute hiring actions against those vacant positions. The lack of visibility leads to:

  • Duplicate PDs and positions being created
  • Unnecessary work by HR teams to classify PDs and positions that already exist
  • Inability to track positions against approved fiscal year budgets
  • Insufficient recruitment and selection processes resulting in talent gaps or hiring from a pool of less qualified candidates

Groundswell's Position Description Management (PDM) solution provides an efficient and effective process to create and review position descriptions, manage positions, and create and review hiring actions. It is the first PD-centric HR management system, allowing federal HR personnel to manage their work based on OPM mandates and agency requirements that complies with federal standards and guidelines.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Creation, review, and approval processes for position descriptions based on federal and agency specific standards
  • Creation and maintenance of organizational position structures based on PDs created and fill seamlessly through the use of the system
  • Creation and review of hiring actions using the positions created in the system
  • Ability to track candidates and make selections for hiring actions to determine posting and hiring criteria that attracts the best candidates
  • Streamlined dashboards to track PDs, positions, hiring actions, and selections; identify bottlenecks, and improve each candidates hiring experience
  • Insightful reporting to track key metrics of the hiring process and identify areas for process improvement