Premium Rich Text Editor


Elevate Appian Screens with the Premium Rich Text Editor Component, designed to effortlessly present rich text information to end-users in a polished and readable format. Seamlessly integrated, this component also serves as an intuitive interface for composing email subjects, enhancing communication within your applications.

The PRTE component builds upon the functionality of the existing Advanced Rich Text Editor Plugin, enhancing it with a comprehensive suite of premium features. Unlike standard rich text editors, PRTE empowers users to effortlessly add images, customize tables, and unlock a host of additional capabilities.

Upgrade user experience and streamline content creation with the Premium Rich Text Editor Component.

Key Features & Functionality

  1. Accessibility Checker
  2. Advanced Code Editor
  3. Advanced Tables
  4. Advanced Typography
  5. Case Change
  6. Checklist
  8. Enhanced Media Embed
  9. Footnotes
  10. Link Checker
  11. Page Embed
  12. Permanent Pen
  13. PowerPaste
  14. Table of Contents