Process Management Services


Contains smart services to allow processes to manage other processes, manage node activity, upgrade process version and update locales.

Example use cases:

  • Orchestrate process removal and archival within your application (e.g. synchronize the deletion/archival of subprocesses and related processes)
  • Bulk delete testing processes that are no longer needed
  • Cancel a process (or many) from another process without using messaging or MNI
  • Set the status of a process to Cancelled for reporting purposes
  • Orchestrate node activity
  • Override or make additions to the security role-map of a list of process instances.

Key Features & Functionality

Smart Services included:

  • Find Archive Processes
  • Delete Processes
  • Cancel Processes
  • Pause Processes
  • Resume Processes
  • Archive Processes
  • Unarchive Processes
  • Find Archived Processes
  • Start All Nodes
  • Restart All Nodes
  • Cancel All Nodes
  • Update Security For Processes
  • Upgrade Processes
  • Upgrade Processes From Version
  • Change Model Locale

All the Smart Services must run in a context with Administrator rights and return a result code indicating whether or not the operation was successful.