Process Model Utilities

Provides a collection of Smart Services and Functions to manage and analyze several process model settings


  • filterCustomCleanupWithinGivenDays
  • getPMAlertsRecipients
  • getPMCleanupSettings
  • getModelsWithGivenTimerTrigger

Smart Services

  • Delete Process Model Version
  • Generate Models Security Report
  • PMAlertsRecipientsSetter
  • PM Cleanup Settings Setter
  • PM Custom Dashboard Remover
  • Process Dashboard Remover
  • Update Custom Sender
  • Set Model Security
  • Set Email Attachments Folder
  • Hide/Show Sections in Task For Models
  • PM Find Models Modified After

v3.1.0 updates the Delete Process Model Version smart service to allow deletion based on the age of the version as well as keeping a minimum amount of versions. Make sure you delete only those versions from which you no longer have process instances running.