Project Toolkit

Procensol were the first Appian Partner in the UK and have been working with Appian for over ten years. This toolkit by Procensol is a result of years of project experience, with each expression rule or constant representing a distinct piece of functionality that proved to be a common requirement across multiple projects.

Some aspects of the Procensol Toolkit rely upon the Regular Expression Functions plug-in, so to get the most out of the toolkit you’ll need to add that to your deployment; don’t worry – it's cloud approved and very quick to deploy.

Need a version of the toolkit for an older environment? This toolkit was exported from Appian 20.1, but the toolkit will work across many different versions - even those older than 18.x! Contact us and we may well be able to provide a version to suit your environment.

Found a bug or limitation, or have a suggestion? Let us know! You can email either Alternatively, or for more information about Procensol, see or contact us at

Features and Functionality:

  • Task assignee formatting
  • JSON date conversion
  • Recursive index functionality
  • Retrieve CDT field names
  • Sort base types
  • Update CDT or dictionary fields
  • Common regular expressions
  • Common date and time formats
  • v2.4.1 Release Notes
    New rules:
    • PRO_TK_GetCurrentDateForUser - Returns a localised date for a given or the logged in user
    • PRO_TK_GetCurrentDateTimeForUser - Returns a localised dateTime for a given or the logged in user

    New date/datetime formatting constants:


    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug that occurred in PRO_TK_GetCurrentDateForUser and PRO_TK_GetCurrentDateTimeForUser
  • v2.3.0 Release Notes
    • PRO_TK_RandomiseList - New rule for randomising the the order of lists of any type.
    • PRO_TK_IndexHelper - New rule to assist with use of PRO_TK_Index within older functions such as fn!reduce
    • PRO_TK_GenerateUniqueRandomNumberList - renamed to PRO_TK_GenerateUniqueRandomIndices to better describe the rule functionality
    • PRO_TK_RemoveNulls - Fixed a bug when handling certain types of empty inputs.
    • PRO_TK_IsValidInteger - fixed a typo in the description
    • PRO_TK_IsFalse - fixed a bug relating to the output type

  • v2.2.1 Release Notes
    • New rules - PRO_TK_IsTrue, PRO_TK_IsFalse and PRO_TK_IsNull - see the documentation for details
    • Deprecated PRO_TK_IsNull_v2_1_1 - replaced by PRO_TK_IsNull above
    • Fixed a bug in PRO_TK_ConvertAppianDateTimeToJsonDateTime caused by migration to the newer version of a!fromJson
    • Removed the User record from the application to prevent overwrites of User record versions