Project Toolkit

Procensol were the first Appian Partner in the UK and have been working with Appian for over ten years. This toolkit by Procensol is a result of years of project experience, with each expression rule or constant representing a distinct piece of functionality that proved to be a common requirement across multiple projects.

Functionality included:

  • Task assignee formatting
  • JSON date conversion
  • Recursive index functionality
  • Retrieve CDT field names
  • Sort base types
  • Update CDT or dictionary fields
  • Common regular expressions
  • Common date and time formats

What's new in version 2.0?

  • Updated to use latest version of RegEx and a!fromJson functions
  • New rules:
    • PRO_TK_GenerateUniqueRandomNumberList
    • PRO_TK_RemoveRandomItemFromList
    • PRO_TK_CalculateBatchIndices
    • PRO_TK_IsValidEmailAddress

Documentation is provided with the download package.  

Some aspects of the Procensol Toolkit rely upon the Regular Expression Functions plugin, so to get the most out of the toolkit you’ll need to add that to your deployment; don’t worry – it's cloud approved and very quick to deploy. The Regular Expression Functions plugin can be found here:

Need a version of the toolkit for an older environment? This toolkit was exported from version, but the toolkit will work across many different versions - even those older than 18.x! Contact us and we may well be able to provide a version to suit your environment.

Found a bug or limitation, or have a suggestion? Let us know! You can email either Alternatively, or for more information about Procensol, see or contact us at