Pyze Analytics Component


Pyze provides low-code process intelligence and user productivity insights for enterprise applications. This is not a 'log file' solution but an easily embeddable SDK directly into Appian applications.  Pyze has the unique ability to model an entire end-to-end business process and also measure user productivity at each step across a single or a suite of applications. Pyze automatically infers business process definitions and generates appropriate models and relevant dashboards without minimal configuration. Pyze's provide Appian customers with real-time data to demonstrate and improve the business impact of the applications they develop on the Appian platform.

Key Features & Functionality

This component consists of a sample app showing Pyze mobile integration. This includes sdk installation, custom events and attributes, timed events, and usage of Appian local variables. Learn more about Appian Analytics at

Learn about key Pyze Capabilities:

  • Process Mining
  • Task Mining
  • Process Bottleneck & Activity Hotspot Detection
  • Cross-Platform Analytics
  • Automated Segmentation
  • Dynamic Conversion Funnels
  • Intelligent Messaging