Retrieve Constant Value by Name

Get constant value using the name (string) of the constant!

Enables two functions:

  • getconstantvaluebyname(constantName)
  • getconstantvaluebynameandversion(constantName, versionInt)

Both return the value of the constant for the latest version or the version indicated (any type) for the given constant name.

  • Hi Vass,

    We are upgrading our platforms to New Appian version 20.1. Can we expect an updated version of this plugin to support on Latest Version of Appian as It shows Compatible Version(s): 17.3+ ,19.1


  • No problems. There's no issue with the plugin. Our use case for this simply requires the quickest response possible. In our tests responses times spred up by about 100ms from 250ms to 150ms

  • did you encounter a problem with the search the plugin use?
    I understand the aditional filter add a bit of fine-tuning to the plugin, but did it improve the performance?

    We will take a look and do our test and release a new version with the improvement as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the contribution!

  • I've run a test in our environments for a minor update on this plug-in to see if I could get the response down a bit.
    Could you please update to use the following changes:

    ContentFilter constantTypeFilter = new ContentFilter(ContentConstants.TYPE_RULE, ContentConstants.SUBTYPE_RULE_CONSTANT)
    Long[] ids = contentSvc.queryIdsByRoot(rulesRootId, "name:" + constantName.trim(), constantTypeFilter)