Revenue Cycle Optimization

Healthcare systems see significant revenue leakage due to missed referrals, delays in collections, write-offs, and incorrect claims verifications. A majority of these issues are due to disjointed process workflow, poorly designed processes, old systems, and manual operations. Impact on revenue can be as high as 2-4% of the top-line. Persistent's RCO solution simplifies operations and automates repetitive tasks. With modern user interfaces and dashboards, companies can optimize revenue in months.'

Persistent’s Revenue cycle optimization offers a centralized digital platform for health facilities, clinicians to manage and automate critical functions such as:

  • Patient referrals— Manages all your referrals and reimbursements in a single window
  • Patient pre-authorization – Automatically verifies, initiates, statuses, and retrieves comprehensive authorization details
  • Eligibility and benefits verification – Maintains consistent and accurate verification process to preserve a healthy revenue cycle
  • Denial management – Reports denials for medical necessity, non-covered services, and prior authorization to management to avoid errors in the billing cycle