Self-service Onboarding and Reconciliation


The traditional customer onboarding process can be inefficient and inconsistent due to disparate data sources, long SLAs, and opaque or poorly documented processes. Knowledgeable business users have to dedicate their time to rework and data cleanup, rather than focusing on more important tasks. This results in a poor customer experience and can lead to lost potential revenue as onboarding processes drag on or halt altogether. Self-service Onboarding and Reconciliation (SOAR) addresses these issues by providing an enterprise-grade solution that streamlines customer onboarding and ensures consistent data collection with a structured reconciliation process. It also provides a centralized view of live process metrics in order to quickly identify and resolve any potential blockers.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Empower customers to initiate their own onboarding experience
  • User-friendly online portal with guided navigation
  • System-defined data validation
  • Secure data collection
  • Orchestrate the entire onboarding process with manual task assignment control
  • Complete distributed tasks in parallel for maximum throughput
  • Monitor onboarding progress in real time to identify and resolve blockers
  • View process insights in a comprehensive reporting dashboard
  • Connect to source-of-record systems via simple microservices architecture

SOAR provides value for all users in the system by targeting specific position-relevant needs with customized features.

  • Workers
    • Complete distributed tasks in parallel for maximum throughput
    • Track responsibilities and deadlines with a personalized central dashboard \
    • Follow up on open requests with system-wide comments
  • Managers
    • Monitor onboarding progress in real time to identify and resolve blockers
    • Review department level metrics with simplified reporting tools
  • Executives
    • Measure key metrics against defined targets
    • Analyze overall performance with a customizable reporting suite

Benefits & Business Impact

SOAR streamlines the onboarding process by creating consistency across data sources and significantly reducing manual work associated with customer onboarding. This allows manufacturers to save time and money by minimizing delays caused by discrepancies in collected data or other process-related issues. Furthermore, SOAR’s end-to-end analytics allow manufacturers to monitor task statuses in real time, identify potential bottlenecks more quickly and improve compliance with lower SLAs – leading to improved customer satisfaction overall.