Send HTTP Request

This plug-in is deprecated, unmaintained and no longer recommended for use. Refactor applications utilizing the functionality of this component to use alternatives. The functionality is available in Appian (without a plug-in) using the Integration Object.

Contains multiple Smart Services and Custom Functions which allow you to send an HTTP Request to an endpoint.

Supported request types are:

  • GET
  • POST
  • HEAD
  • PUT

Examples use cases include:

  • Google search queries
  • Calling REST APIs (e.g. Twitter updates, send SMS message)
  • Sending SOAP XML to a Web Service
  • Getting binary files over HTTP
  • Hi 

    I run into an error is given by this plug-in as shown below: 
    2019-11-14 09:18:25,986 [Appian Work Item - 617963 - execution02 : UnattendedJavaActivityRequest] ERROR com.appiancorp.util.HttpPostRequestWithDocumentsHandler - Error sending a multipart post request Read timed out

    Has anyone had the same error before?
    Another issue also spotted that the plug-in version is still using the old name as Web And XML Extensions (v5.4.2) even after upgraded to the latest SendHttpRequest v5.5.0. Is it a known behavior? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi

    Please provide inputs for reproducing the issue.

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