Businesses of all sizes are involved in IT service management (ITSM) in some way. Some use spreadsheets and old legacy systems, and others use large, expensive platforms. Neither are

Legacy systems often take on more than they were originally meant for; being built with limited flexibility. This makes it difficult to make enhancements and changes, which delays service requests, and causes poor user experiences and performance.

And large service request platforms are usually extremely expensive to set-up and maintain. Customization can be difficult to complete in-house, which drives up ongoing costs and slows down the process. Again, delaying operations and frustrating employees.


ServiceQue, built on Appian’s low-code platform, is a scalable solution for IT service ticket management. It was specifically designed to meet the service management challenge for businesses of all sizes, at a much lower price point.

It enables organizations to support unique service request needs across various business units. With the ability for business users to easily create, configure, and manage custom ticket types and workflows, ServiceQue is a one-stop-shop for service ticketing.

Plus, its dashboards and reports provide essential insights into service ticket volumes, turnaround times, and root causes to identify issues and gaps and reduce unnecessary spending.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Easily create, configure, deploy, and manage custom service ticket types and related workflows
  • Configure service-based commitments between service providers and customers
  • Leverage pre-built connectors for integrating with other business systems, such as asset management
  • Access past service tickets, actions taken, resolutions, and trends for improved reporting
  • Analyze root causes of common service request issues

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Reduces IT support required to deploy and manage service ticket needs faster and more efficiently
  • Eliminates the need for one-off, ad-hoc tools and workflows for handling service requests
  • Provides visibility to support SLA compliance
  • Increases employee productivity with automated reviews and approvals for improved response times
  • Provides insight into service requests across the business, identifying issues, gaps, and opportunities
  • Reduces duplicating service requests and spending
  • ServiceQue provides better, faster, and cheaper service management. Dramatically lower cost of ownership, simplify implementation, quickly and easily customize, and extend to other use cases.