SFTP Smart Services

Contains multiple Smart Services for interacting with a remote file server via SFTP, FTP, or SCP.  Using these services, an Appian application can be configured to send and receive files, folders, and metadata in a process.  Features support for zlib compression.

Smart Services included:

  • SFTP:
    • Send File Over SFTP
    • Send File Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Receive File Over SFTP
    • Receive File Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Rename File Over SFTP
    • Get Remote Directory Contents Over SFTP
    • Get Remote Directory Contents Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
  • SCP:
    • Send File Over SCP
    • Receive File Over SCP
  • FTP:
    • Send File Over FTP
    • Receive File Over FTP
    • Receive Folder Over FTP
  • FTPS
    • Receive Folder Over FTPS
    • Send File Over FTPS (Basic Credentials)

All smart services in the package use Secure Credentials Store.

  • Why does the SFTP component not have Status and Error outputs like the FTP Smart Services?

  • Hi , this is a free component maintained by Appian Professional Services which fits a particular need.  It may get updated in a future release.  However, if you have an immediate need for this particular update, please contact your Appian Account Executive to engage PS to make these changes!

  • is there a trick to using this plug in?

    I've tried multiple ways, even looking at the internal code and am having trouble even getting it to access the Secure Credentials Store for some reason the FTP version of the functions worked fine, however am having all sort of trouble getting it to work for SFTP.

    Is there a special trick? maybe some instructions that are unplublished somewhere?

  • Hi , I would suggest posting a question in Discussions community.appian.com/.../ about this behavior.  Your question will get the most visibility there!

  • Can this plugin be configured for FTP over SSL? (i.e., FTP-S)

  • Recent Release Notes:

    v1.6.9 (12/05/18) - Added keep alive to Receive Folder over FTPS

    v1.6.8 (11/29/18) - Added support for FTPS