SharePoint Document Integration

The following smart services are provided in this plug-in.  

  • Get Document - Downloads a document from SharePoint and saves it as an Appian document
  • Push Document - Uploads a document from Appian into SharePoint
  • Create Folder - Creates the specified folder in SharePoint

The plug-in supports:

  • Basic or NTLM Authentication
  • Use of Secure Credentials Store
  • SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013
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  • The necessary runtime dependencies are included in the project - the plugin would not run without them. They are in the meta-inf/lib folder inside the jar.

    The compile time dependencies are - (these should not be included in the packaged jar):

    appian-plug-in-sdk, appian-suiteapi, og4j:1.2.17, commons-codec:1.15

  • Hello,

    Thank you For reply ,  From the JAR file, we got the source code. However, there are still other Jar file dependencies that are being references.

    Would it be possible to share the rest of the Jar files / complete dependencies?

    We are trying to make a simple change to allow a certificate to work properly from Appian cloud to internal/on premise SharePoint site