SharePoint Document Integration

The following smart services are provided in this plug-in.  

  • Get Document - Downloads a document from SharePoint and saves it as an Appian document
  • Push Document - Uploads a document from Appian into SharePoint
  • Create Folder - Creates the specified folder in SharePoint

The plug-in supports:

  • Basic or NTLM Authentication
  • Use of Secure Credentials Store
  • SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013
Parents Comment
  • The necessary runtime dependencies are included in the project - the plugin would not run without them. They are in the meta-inf/lib folder inside the jar.

    The compile time dependencies are - (these should not be included in the packaged jar):

    appian-plug-in-sdk, appian-suiteapi, og4j:1.2.17, commons-codec:1.15

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