Smart Grid Maintenance

Cognizant's Smart Grid Maintenance Management application enables utility providers to enhance customer experience through augmented reality and smart devices. Here are some use-cases for the application:

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) integrated with QR code enables technicians to obtain real time data about a spare part
    • A case capturing relevant details gets triggered in Appian on basis of an outlier temp range being detected in one of the transformers of the Utility provider.
    • A technician visits the site of the transformer to inspect the damaged component of a transformer.
    • The technician assesses that the transformer coolant needs to be replaced. But he needs to know the oil type and other relevant technical specifications of the transformer.
    • With AR capability the technician uses his mobile device to scan the damaged part obtain technical specifications about the transformer oil along with a virtual view of the transformer.
    • After repair the latest temp is recorded by IoT Sensor and case details are updated.
    • The case details reflects that the transformer’s temp is now within normal range.
  2. Image Analysis of images obtained from installation sites helps in quicker assessment of the damage to the asset and plan resources accordingly in an optimized manner
    • Tilt Sensor placed in a transmission tower triggers an alert and generates a case.
    • The site also had sensor cameras which captured the image of the damaged tower and the image is attached along with the case.
    • Image Analysis helps user in making an instant assessment of the damaged transmission tower remotely and formulates the recovery plan accordingly.
  3. Real time monitoring along with Predictive Insights generates proactive case alerts and system recommendations.
    • The predictive model analyses the live weather feed received from weather sites. A transformer is based in location ABC.
    • The weather feed reports high wind speeds over an area covering the location ABC.
    • The predictive model generates proactive case alerts against the assets located in the area ABC.
    • It also generates system recommendations on basis of trends derived from past historical actions.

Key Features:

  • Augmented Reality helps maintenance personnel in sourcing relevant artifact about the defective component ( viz. parts of a transformer, transmission tower)
  • Image Analysis provides first hand information about a damaged structure and helps the crew to action accordingly
  • API integration with weather sites provide proactive alerts on transmission towers/transformers located in sites where probable damage is expected
  • Variance in Sensor data trigger automatic case creation and routing
  • Auto filled case details help case reviewer in better first hand analysis and plan out next step of action

Overall Key Business Benefits

  • Reduced Maintenance Management operational costs
  • Augmented Reality helps in shorter training cycle and quicker deputation of personnel for on field assignments
  • Real time status updates from IoT Sensors provides visibility to all stakeholders
  • Predictive Analytics help in mitigating unwarranted power outages
  • Ready availability of relevant data artifact about damaged parts enhances optimization about productive work