Sprint Planning Agile Resource

Finding the right Agile project management tool for Appian projects can be a complicated task. Proper communication between team members is one of the most vital aspects of project success. The process of remembering to update your teammates in another system after working in Appian can be both tedious and full of mistakes. Using the Sprint Planning & Agile Resource (SPAR), organizations can easily start tracking their projects in Appian. This application provides all the necessary tools for either beginning your first Agile project or quickly converting your current project management tool into Appian without losing any functionality. SPAR gives organizations the power to track and manage their work using Agile Methodology without having to ever leave Appian. Users can create and customize all aspects of projects, sprints, and cards. Using the Backlog tab, users can move and delete cards. The intuitive Agile Board Page allows users to view the status and details of all the cards in a sprint. Understanding statistics about each sprint has never been simpler using the Sprint Burndown report.

SPAR provides:

  • Tracking and managing the progress of sprints and cards through an easy to use interface
  • Reports showing the completion of issues on both the project and sprint level provide visibility into current performance on two separate levels
  • The ability to easily configure boards, sprints, and cards to fit your needs or match your current system