Sprint Planning Agile Resource


Finding the right Agile project management tool for Appian projects can be a complicated task. Furthermore, many pre-built solutions lack the customization necessary to match your processes. Using the Sprint Planning  Agile Resource (SPAR) solutions, organizations can easily start tracking their projects in Appian. This application provides all the necessary tools to begin your first Agile project or easily transition an existing project management tool into Appian.

SPAR gives organizations the power to tailor ticket management for each of their programs to track and manage their work using Agile Methodology without having to ever leave Appian. Built-in customizable notifications make sure your team is always up-to-date on Project progress.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Allow any user to create and customize their own Program (can be restricted to admins only)
    • Define ticket types, priorities, and statuses that make sense for your Program
    • Create any number of Projects with shared properties within a Program
    • Define and customize Sprints that fit your Program cadence
    • Add any number of custom fields to tickets within your program.  These can be basic text fields, date fields, user pickers, or dropdowns (with fully-customizable choices)
    • Create and manage Epics and Tags to be used on tickets within the Program (these can also be created by users while creating or editing tickets)
    • Program-level permissions, allowing you to specify members and administrators for your Program
    • Manage Saved Boards you have created as well as public Saved Boards others in your Program have shared
  • Unified Home page, showing you all of the tickets to which you are assigned or set as a watcher
  • Boards page allowing you to view all tickets within a Program
    • Features condensed grid view and kanban-esque card view
    • Configure and customize sets of saved filters in the form of Saved Boards.  Set these as public to share them with other members of your program
    • Edit individual tickets in a convenient modal-style related action
    • Quick create tickets matching your current filter set
  • Easily add Comments and Documents to tickets using Macedon’s Common Document and Comment Components
  • Add any SPAR user as a watcher on tickets to keep them updated on that ticket’s progress (even if they are not a member of the ticket’s Program)
  • Customize a Triage system for each Program allowing you to easily incorporate automatic ticket creation into other Appian applications
  • Send notifications via Slack and/or Email to keep users in-the-loop
    • Can be enabled/disabled app-wide as well as for each user via their preferences
  • Streamlined easy-to-use ticket import process for pulling in legacy ticket data