SRRM - Supplier Reputation Risk Management

The use of increasingly dense networks of Third Parties represents a business strategy necessary to increase productivity, margins, agility and innovation of organizations. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, a high degree of interconnection can lead to increased risk. The business impact of these risks need to be evaluated and anticipated through agile and multidisciplinary tools, models and approaches. Given this 'new reality' context, business and control functions are called upon to adopt high standards and structured end-to-end risk management processes for Third Parties and in especially in the complex area of supply chains.

Supplier Reputation & Risk Management (SRRM) solution facilitates collaboration between KPMG, your company and your supply chain third parties by digitizing processes. Through its intuitive interface and multi-device capability, it notably enables the modeling and execution of activities and real-time monitoring for all stakeholders.

The process flow will cover the Awarding and Monitoring phases of Vendor On-boarding. The on-boarding output is based on an ad-hoc scoring model, for the supplier risk evaluation. These vendors can then be awarded with a collaboration contract, that can be guided and set with the support of the tool.

Each awarded vendor’s performance is then evaluated during the next monitoring period. By leveraging Appian’s low-code enterprise automation platform we can meet your scope, functional and multi-platform support requirements with the flexibility while ensuring we also meet your deadlines.

The integrated SRRM solution ensures control of the entire supply chain (which can be extended to sub-suppliers and related sub-contracts) in the Scouting & Sourcing, On-boarding, Awarding and Monitoring phases. The integration between vendor management and risk analysis activities is achieved through the KPMG SRRM Solution based on Appian Technology that enable intelligent automation, data analysis and visualization logics.