Sunburst Charts Component

Sunburst charts, also known as a ring charts or multilevel pie charts, have the capacity to provide visualization along with a drill down to granular level details and can be utilized in any industry. The circle in the center represents the root node, with the hierarchy moving outward from the center to represent further drill down categories. A segment of the inner circle bears a hierarchical relationship to those segments of the outer circle which lie within the angular sweep of the parent segment.

These charts can be used to:

  1. Visualize any flow or data set which is divided into categories and subcategories and furthermore by allowing users to get a holistic view of all.
  2. Represent hierarchical flows in many dynamic ways.

Example: Showing budget for an organization - Master Categories, drill down to subcategories further drilling down to departments and each project.

Included sunburst charts:

  • Flat: furnishes a 360-degree view without needing to drill down.
  • Zoomable: allows users with ease to make decisions within the main categories. For instance, the business manager wants detailed information, by only a single click over the category the chart be drilled for that particular category.
  • Sequence: gives the power to get detailed information about the nodes along with subcategories, users can effortlessly view the complete path, node, value, percentage of data it has, etc. Another dynamic feature within this is that it allows the changing of the color of each node, which is configurable in this chart, this helps business managers to freeze decisions easily.