Survey Samurai


Running employee surveys within an organization can be a cumbersome experience. HRIS systems can be costly and confusing to use. Relying on these third party tools can expose your organization to compliance risks, and limited reporting functionality leaves little to no options for customization. Leveraging Appian for these tasks allows for secure access to assign targeted tasks, and infinite flexibility for complex form creation and custom reporting. Taking advantage of those features in Appian typically takes development time, which can frustrate business users and divert resources. But what if you could create complex surveys, assign them to employees with clear timelines, and easily report on the outcomes, all within your existing Appian platform? Now you can! Survey Samurai allows end users to leverage the Appian wide array of available interface components without any design experience to create beautiful and intuitive surveys. Users can implement dynamic questionnaire flows, validations, conditional visibility, and more. Surveys created within Survey Samurai can be assigned to Appian users to be completed as Tasks, or published via Appian Portals to be available to a wider audience. Survey Samurai’s built-in reporting tools allow for live trend analysis and response tracking.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Empower users to conduct and manage surveys in Appian
  • Design surveys with multiple pages and sections to categorize questions
    • Configure any question-and-answer scenario
      • Multiple choice with multiple answers (checkboxes)
      • Multiple choice with single answer (radio buttons)
      • Multiple choice with several answer choices (dropdowns or auto-fill picker)
      • Text: free text or validations to format email addresses, SSNs, or phone numbers
      • Date and time input fields
    • Customize dynamic question sets with conditional visibility and custom validations
      • Trigger questions: specific answers to questions can trigger other questions to appear
    • Preview surveys before sending them to see how questions appear to an individual respondent
    • Copy existing surveys to use as templates or conduct again
  • Conduct surveys with Appian users or an external audience
    • Send surveys as Tasks to users within Appian
      • Notify respondent users by email
    • Manage groups within Survey Samurai to send surveys to specific business groups
    • Conduct public-facing, anonymous surveys on Appian Portals for any audience, even respondents who are not associated to Appian users
  • View and analyze survey responses with live reports
    • View aggregated responses by question: each question shows a chart of answer choices and a breakdown grid of each individual’s response
    • View individual responses to see exactly how an individual respondent completed the survey
    • Individuals can view their own record history of survey responses
  • Define roles and permissions to access surveys
    • Survey Owners design, send, and view results of their own surveys
      • Any number of editors can be assigned to access specific surveys
    • Survey Administrators are admin-level users who manage permissions, and have edit and view access to all surveys

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Survey Samurai is a turn-key solution that provides powerful user-facing features on installation without any development setup
  • Eliminates dependencies on costly third party survey management software
  • Enables the configuration of questionnaires with dynamic question-level visibility
  • Provides a wide variety of question-and-answer options and common validations
  • Survey response data lives within Appian, which can be easily referenced in other business workflows and reports