TCS Small Business Loan Origination


Time to Decision by banks to approve a loan is significantly longer than SME expectations, which adversely impacts SMEs’ competitiveness. Delays often result in SMEs losing the first mover advantage in responding to a market shift.

To overcome the problem of complex and time consuming paperwork, banks should provide SMEs with digital and multi-channel services. Digital enablement can help SME customers to manage their credit needs including raising ad hoc requests, availing instant credit, and funding purchase of consumer durables.

Banks should improve the customer experience by providing online dashboards that cater to SME business needs. Digitization will expedite the funding process by automating data inputs into application, allowing customers to upload relevant documents and automatically linking to the workflow framework. This will cut turnaround and reduce operational costs while improving customer satisfaction.

TCS Solution of Accelerated Small Business Loan Origination will help banks to digitalize lending to small business customers with faster time to market and transparency into loan processing for all stakeholders.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Self Service Channel for Small Businesses to initiate loan request
  • Seamless integration of external data sources enabling intelligent automation and operations
  • Transparency and Oversight into loan processing with intuitive dashboard for loan processors
  • Faster loan approvals including verification of supporting documents and e-signatures
  • API driven Integrations for simplified and automated customer journeys
  • Integrations with DocuSign will enable seamless customer experience
  • Low code automation platform coupled with flexible configurations enabling faster time to market

Benefits & Business Impact

  • Increased customer base and revenue growth
  • Digitalization helps to optimize business processes and improve workflow management
  • Empowers bank officers to engage better with customers by eliminating inefficiencies in process
  • Improved productivity leads to faster decisions meaning higher customer satisfaction