Telework Management System


Currently, most federal agencies manage their telework agreements and process mostly on paper. This creates several distinct business risks for any organization:

  • Agencies have no real-time view of employees’ telework schedules, meaning they cannot effectively cover key office functions or plan for coverage.
  • Data must be manually tabulated and processed to report on telework information, increasing workload for already overstretched teams.
  • To avoid overly work-intensive manual processes, some teams bypass the process altogether, breaking down the entire system.
  • Employees cannot plan their telework effectively due to lack of forward visibility.
  • The lack of management visibility invites abuse by employees.
  • Most agencies are unable to comply with their own guidelines or federal policies around telework.

Groundswell’s Telework Management System (TMS) provides a completely digital process end-to-end telework management. TMS covers the submission and review of telework agreements, management of schedule requests, and robust and insightful reporting for the agency. The system also provides real time visibility into employees’ telework schedules and validates compliance with federal and agency telework guidelines.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Creation, review, amendment, and termination of telework agreements
  • Flexible review process that can be tailored to meet agency-specific requirements
  • Setup of a recurring telework schedule
  • Seamless changes to the telework agreement with full visibility to key stakeholders and approvers
  • Submission and review of schedule requests to manage situational, medical, and any other form of telework
  • Streamlined dashboards for supervisors to oversee their employee’s telework information
  • Insightful reporting for Telework Management Officers to analyze and review telework information for their agency

Benefits & Business Impact

Groundswell’s Telework Management System (TMS) is unique and the only solution that:

  • Fully covers the submission, review, and approval processes based on federal and agency specific standards.
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing systems to utilize complete and up to date information for employees and contractors.
  • Provides an employee record for a comprehensive view of all teleworking activities that can be expanded to include all employee relate d data for a true 360 degree view of an employee.