Text Cache

Projects often make use of data which requires considerable time to obtain due to costly computations, network and database lag, and API calls pricing. Text Cache provides the functionality to temporarily store Text values in Appian for very low latency access. Expiration policies can be specified for each individual cache entry, allowing for flexible cache configurations. Experienced designers may utilize this plug-in in conjunction with Appian's internalize/externalize functions to directly cache queryEntity, queryProcessAnalytics or integration results.

  • Lightweight in-memory cache for Text values
  • Can store up to 10.000 entries.  Once the limit is reached old entries will be overwritten following the configured expiration policy:
    • Access: expires entries based on when they were last accessed
    • Create: expires entries based on when they were they were created
  • Data is compressed to minimize memory usage without impacting retrieval performance.


  • textcacheget(key) Retrieve an entry from cache (returns null if not in cache)
  • textcacheset(key, value, expireAfter, expirationPolicy) Set an entry in cache, if the key already exists the data will be updated. Expire after given minutes (default 5)
  • textcacheremove(key) Removes an entry from cache
  • textcacheclear() Removes all entries in cache
  • textcachelifetime(key) Expected expiration, in milliseconds from the current time, for a given key.
  • textcachesize() Number of entries in cache.

*This plug-in is not designed to store extremely large text values, caution is advised*