Towns and Roads


TAR challenges the notion that Appian's prowess is limited to building business applications. Inspired by Catan, this project aims to showcase Appian's untapped potential and versatility. Our team embarked on a thrilling journey to prove that Appian's low-code platform can transcend traditional boundaries and ignite innovation. With "Towns and Roads," we present a tangible example of how Appian can inspire cross-domain learning, foster collaboration, and build communities. This groundbreaking venture invites developers and enterprises to explore a new side of Appian, revolutionizing the future of application development. The possibilities are limitless, and "Towns and Roads" is our testament to the belief that Appian can reshape the way we perceive low-code platforms.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Set up Profile: users can easily create profiles, granting them to create games and accept invitations.
  • Game Creation and Invitations: Players can create game instances and invite others players to join.
  • Victory Point-Based Objective: The primary objective in TAR is to be the first player to achieve a predetermined amount of Victory Points (VPs) set by the host.
  • AI-powered Assistant: Ask an interactive AI about the rules and configurations of the game so it can guide you through the required steps.
  • Resource Management and Strategic Building: In TAR, players strategically place roads, towns, and cities on the board, positioning themselves to acquire valuable resources when the dice are rolled.
  • Resource Trading and Construction: Players can exchange resources with other players or even make counter offers, fostering negotiation and strategic alliances. Additionally, players can trade with the bank, allowing for flexible construction strategies and optimizing their path to victory.
  • Various Ways to Earn VPs: Players can earn Victory Points through different actions, such as building towns (1 VP each) and cities (2 VPs each), purchasing Development Cards, and potentially obtaining Victory Point Cards.
  • Development Cards: provide various advantages and potentially yield additional Victory Points, adding an element of surprise and strategy.
  • Longest Road Achievement: Players can strive to achieve the Longest Road by building at least 5 consecutive roads, granting them bonus VPs.
  • Largest Army Achievement: Obtaining the Largest Army achievement requires playing a minimum of 3 Knight development cards, offering an opportunity for additional VPs.
  • Real-Time Interaction via Chat Room: TAR introduces an exceptional functionality that enhances player engagement by providing a real-time chat room within each game. This feature allows players to interact, strategize, negotiate.
  • v1.1.0 Release Notes
    • The AI knowledge assistant plugin is required for the AI-powered feature. Also, an OpenAI account needs to be configured into the plugin as well.
    • The game chat depends on the IM app, which was also developed by Deft Consulting Inc. and enables players to use chat and action log functionality