Track and Trace

This application enables a single integrated 360 degree view of pharmaceutical products in the supply chain and leverages IoT for proactive monitoring of events throughout the supply chain.  This prevents product recall and thefts, providing a collaborative response mechanism with case management capabilities.  The solution uses blockchain for the provenance tracking and authenticity of the devices in the network.  It utilizes Appian AI and cognitive computing to predict supply chain disruptions while providing actionable insights and smart autonomous decisions for mitigation.  It helps keep track of the shipment using follow me device tracker application.  Email notifications are also enabled to the corresponding parties for every status change in the system.   In addition, SMS and call notifications are available using Twilio if any incident cases  are created due to a temperature breach.

Key Features:

  • Provides a single integrated view of the medical devices tracking in supply chain.
  • Dynamic case management to proactively manage any exceptions in the tracked medical device, such as a spike in temperature.
  • Use of AI to suggest the best logistic partner.
  • Mobile App to validate the authenticity of the medical device.
  • Smart contracts and decision rules to penalize the logistic partner for unacceptable shipping conditions.