'Start New Chat' Connected System (Twilio)

The Twilio Chat Component and Connected System Plug-ins are designed to allow Appian designers to present Appian users with a dynamic experience for initiating and participating in browser-based chat. The chat functionality is built on top of Twilio’s Chat service offerings.
Note: These plug-ins are deployed separately. To use the corresponding Component Plug-in, it must be deployed and configured.
Key Features:
  • Users can initiate conversations that use Twilio APIs and chat channel to engage with agents logged into Appian Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) and available to receive chats
  • Built using the Appian Integration SDK and embeddable using Appian Embedded UI
  • Allow user information/metadata to be sent to Twilio in API call for the purpose of being able to identify the initiating user during a chat session
  • Has the same styling as the Twilio field (the agent component in ICC) - “looks and feels” like Appian
  • Supports all the special characters that the Twilio field currently supports
  • Performance comparable to common chat clients - Ability to type responses, see the agent’s response, and view the entire conversation within the current session
  • Identification of who is saying and has said what
  • Supported on all Appian-supported browsers
Important: this component only supports the end-user initiated side of the 2-way chat. In order to have a fully functional chat system, another system component must be in place to be able to join additional parties to the rooms created by this component. Appian’s ICC Application is an example of such a system, and this component was designed with ICC specifically in mind, although the developer may use any other means of managing the Twilio chat channels and members.